There’s something in the air: A very special fragrance, named ‘Firewood’. The spicy aromas, that capture us and take us on a journey, is what we remember. With a wooden note, firewood gives us a feeling of strength and warmth. We’re enclosed in a breeze of oriental and mysterious beauty. It is not playful, but straight lined and determined, almost masculine – A scent of strength and dignity.Our scented candles feature selected aroma compositions with a discreet and long lasting scent. The atmospheric aroma is released by the FLAVO scented candle when lit. The matt, satined glass with a delicate print in a warm brown tone can be sealed with an airtight lid made of hardwood. Thanks to the use of natural soy wax, the candles are free from toxins, environmentally friendly, and will burn for up to 60 hours with extremely low soot production. The candle is free of palm-oil. Also available in smaller size, as well as three additional colours and scents.


Material: hardwood, coloured glass, natural soy wax

Size: D9*H10,5cm

Burning time: 60hrs.


'Flavo' scented candle, firewood

SKU: 65805